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Crystal Crown Bracelet: Crown of Confidence.

Crystal Crown Bracelet: Crown of Confidence.

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Crown of Confidence: Lava Stone Bracelet.

Command attention with this bold statement piece. 
Crafted from volcanic lava stone, this bracelet exudes a raw, masculine energy. 
The striking crown charm, intricately detailed with sparkling stones, is a symbol of 
power, ambition, and undeniable style.

More than just an accessory, it's an attitude. Wear the Crown of Confidence to ignite your inner strength and conquer your day. 
The porous lava stone is believed to ground and stabilize, 
keeping you centered and focused on your goals.

Own your power. Claim your style. Choose the Crown of Confidence bracelet.

Product information:
Material: natural stone
Style: Europe and America
Style: Unisex
Modeling: Crown
Size: 18mm
Number of pieces: 21 pieces
Color: black

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